The HAKA is a monotype boat for Coastal rowing.

Coastal rowing can be found in all corners of the world, a coastal rowing boat can also be used inland on some lakes and rivers where the water tends not to be flat as well as for rowing touring.


Coastal rowing is easy to learn on a HAKA boat, due partly to the stability and robustness of this boat which differs from the Olympic-style boats and from other Coastal rowing boat, designed to by manufacturers that experiment new designs, performing, fast, but often expensive.


One of the greatest things about the HAKA is that it offers a huge amount of fun and family pleasure to all ages yet at the same time it satisfies the desire for excellence and a physical test at the highest level, a good training for the Olympic Games.
The HAKA is something very special because over 200,000 hulls, already in use for sailing, in the world, are ready to be equipped with an HAKA KIT.


The HAKA hulls are sailing in more than 100 different countries all over the world!
The ultimate goal of the HAKA project is to make rowing a universally practiced and globally relevant sport through the diffusion of a cheap boat, the same for everyone, a monotype, that can sail in all the seas of the world.

Why the strict one-design emphasis of the HAKA CLASS?
It is certainly among the purest forms of coastal rowing competition that you can determine the “pure winner”.