One of the attractions of the HAKA for most owners is that the class rules are very strict and that the boat is one design.
The HAKA philosophy incorporated in the rules is that we want to go rowing, not waste time fiddling with boats.
We want to win races on the water using our skill, not by trying to find a way round the rules that will give us an advantage.
The class rules are written to prevent any changes from the standard boat that might affect performance, so that on the water each boat is the same.
The HAKA is a strict one-design boat for Costal Rowing where the true test, when raced, is between rowers and not boats and equipment.
The HAKA shall be raced in accordance with these Rules, with only a Laser hull, the HAKA FRAME & OARS manufactured by an IHCA approved builder.
No addition or alteration may be made to the these equipment.