All HAKA coastal rowing boats are based on:

– The LASER hull
– The LASER rudder

That transforms your LASER in a COASTAL ROWING BOAT.

The HAKA frame
20,7 Kg – 130 x 60 x 15 cm – all stainless steel 316 AISI

The HAKA tiller
0,3 Kg – 40 cm – NYLON

The HAKA oars
1 Kg each – 300 cm – 80% FG / 20% carbon fiber


All HAKA coastal rowing boats are identified by two ID.

LASER hull Identification

All HAKA coastal rowing boats are based on a Laser™ hull that shall have an identification number marked into the deck under the bow eye or into the transom, which shall be the unique production number.

HAKA frame Identification

Each HAKA FRAME has a 6 DIGIT ID, laser-cut on the right and left side.

Helming the boat

The HAKA tiller works with standard LASER rudderl.
The tiller allows the rudder to be adjusted by two lines, blocked by two cleats on the frame.


HAKA OARS combines an advanced design and an unique material combination that has the highest possible impact resistance and durability.

They are lower in carbon content and 20%. This is a good choice where durability and performance are a key factor.

The adjustable system design is based on the utilization of 100% carbon materials for all handle parts.
They are built with high precision laser equipment to enable the tightest wiggle-jiggle-free handle to shaft fitting available in the market.
This eliminates any movement within the adjustable system and guarantees desired performance during varying rowing conditions.

The HAKA OARS have the hatchet/cleaver blade style.


Each HAKA frame has a special forward “number holder” able to support a FISA standard RACE NUMBER.
The number holder is inserted in the mast hole of the LASER hull.